Can I use commercial/ copyrighted music in the edited packages?

You sure can! But for home viewing only.

Carissa Morgan videography is covered under an AMCOS ARIA Domestic Use Video Licence which means that so long as your video is not used for commercial gain or public screening, your video may contain APRA Works and/or ARIA Recordings for private or domestic viewing, or on password protected websites.

All videos promoted on this website have had commercial music tracks replaced by licenced audio. 

Do I receive all the footage captured on my wedding day?

Short answer - no. But upgrade your Highlight Package to the Full Package and receive the entire Ceremony and all of the speeches from the Reception, start to finish!

Why? A wedding day can be anywhere from 50 to 120gb of footage depending on resolution, frame rate and real-time duration. Add to to that the fact that the audio is recorded separated from the video - you would have to listen to it, then watch it, as they don't play together without being edited.

And the bits that are left out are left out for a reason... would you ask your photographer for the blurry or overexposed photos?

Do you provide still photographs from wedding video footage?

I do! But only to give you a little taste of what was captured prior to the completion of your edited package.

There's no charge for these images as they are a courtesy to couples shortly following their wedding day and I don't guarantee any particular number of images.

Being 'screen grabs'from the footage, they're also not high resolution. Good for social media but not to print and put on your wall. I can't be your videographer and photographer sorry... best to leave photos to your professional photographer!