Who am I? Let's go with a 'twenty-something' year old, born and bred Mackay girl with a Brissy Uni degree (I did get out for a while!). In 2008, as a fresh-faced graduate, I started work in a regional TV station as a News Camera Operator. I progressed to a bigger, less regional market and dabbled in some live sport and reality television. From there it was the young Australian's dream of travelling the world... but 5 months in Europe and North America left me life experienced and cashless!

So in 2014, I came home to Mackay where I returned to the TV industry with a major commercial network, heading the camera department of their local news operations for 2 and a bit years. News is draining. After more than 7 years of 'high pressure', emergency call outs, court stake outs and repetitive stories on election campaigns, missing pets and monument openings... I was lured by the so-called 'dark-side'. Private Production.

Here I am.

My Own Wedding

In 2012 I married my prince charming. The day didn't run smoothly, no wedding day does. But it was perfect. And I like to think it's prepared me to offer first-hand advice to couples in their own planning. 

Before you ask... no I didn't get a videographer. I'd love to tell you why, and why I regret it.

PHOTO: Nicola Lemmon Photography

PHOTO: Nicola Lemmon Photography


The one piece of advice I have for potential Brides and Grooms is this... choose wisely the people who will spend the entire day with you. Make sure you enjoy their company, laugh at their jokes and appreciate their silence. Your wedding vendors come into your life for a very short, but extremely important part of your life and it's not a decision you want to get wrong. Let's get to know each other.